Welcome to Celebrity Getaways International, and our roster of 800 outstanding Celebrity locations and properties from around the world. These properties share one common denominator: Each was owned, built, lived in or designed by a Celebrity, or the accommodation was the location of a Major Motion Picture or Television Series. 

This one-of-a-kind Celebrity collection offers a diverse array of unique, historical and prestigious Getaways in the world. We offer from the quaint to the exotic - from rustic to posh, from penthouse to private island - all romantic and glamorous settings and environments. 

It all began in 1971 when I started assisting concert promoters in Hawaii. I did simple things like chauffeur performers from the airport to their hotels in exchange for free concert tickets. A year later, while working on Oahu with a local film production company, I started making courtesy hotel, car, and activity arrangements for the company's clients. Finally, in 1977, I realized I could find beach front homes and estates for guests in addition to the personal services, I decided to go into business - my first guest was Sylvester Stallone. 

In 1984, I joined forces with my partner, Gabrielle Olivier, an accomplished artist and interior designer. After our collective effort of 45 years advising homeowners; catering to celebrities, major corporations, and Hawaii's discriminating guests in general, we became aware of numerous Celebrity Getaways around the world, and in 1996, wrote a directory: "Celebrity Getaways International, Volume 1". Now, this web site reveals 300 of the 800 locations we have discovered. 

This is a unique travel opportunity - to touch a star, a hero, a legend, via their personal sites of beauty, power, escape, solitude or gathering. Now, we invite you to discover why, on your fascinating journey to . . . 

Happy trails, 
Rob & Gabrielle Olivier Dorman

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