Rider for the Pony Express, American Scout, showman, and controversial figure.  Cody organized and managed Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and made Annie Oakley famous while touring the U.S. and Europe.  He was Awarded the Medal of Honor by Congress in 1872 for “Gallantry at Platte River, Nebraska.”
Hotel: Built by Cody for his youngest daughter Irma, in 1902. 
This was Bufffalo Bill’s retreat after traveling with his Wild West Show.  It was the “hub” of town - still is, and still looks like a set in an old cowboy movie.  The large dining room with high tin ceiling, features the famous cherrywood back bar presented to Buffalo Bill by Queen Victoria just after the turn of the century.  Made in France, the bar was shipped to New York, railed to Montana, and then horse-drawn in a freight wagon to Wyoming. 
41 guest rooms with 15 suites - all with private baths and/or showers.  Many of the rooms have been renovated and named after Cody’s pals: Frank Blackburn, the sheriff; Caroline Lockhart, novelist and journalist; Vern Spencer, guide and trapper; Irma Cody, Buffalo Bill’s daughter.  Rooms in the original part of the hotel have an authentic old fashioned flavor with Victorian decor and western art combined with modern amenities for comfort.
Restaurant with wholesome home-cooked food, lounge and bar.  Fishing, and Buffalo Bill Historic Center nearby.
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