Our consultation services are for celebrities and accommodations of note and historical significance. Includes advice on the following:
Estates, Homes, Inns, B&B's, Ranches, Private Islands, Hotels, Lodges, Castles and Villas. 

Compensation: Suggestions for day, week and monthly rates. Reservation policies; profit & loss projections; cost comparisons to competitors in same category. 

Methods of Payment: Options for payments and deposits - when to collect and return. Ways to check references if necessary. 

Guest Contract: Lengthy/complete and appropriate guest contract. Originated in 1977 by Lu Nevels Esq. Updated and enhanced by Davelynn Tengan Esq. & Jeff Grad Esq. "House Rules." 

Insurance: Necessary additional liability - where to obtain at what price. Types and costs of licenses, permits, taxes and land-use laws. 

Telephone Usage: How to handle guests' long distance calls: Deposits, legal and appropriate time frames for collection. Options for use. 

Marketing: Listing in Celebrity Getaways Worldwide Directory. How to obtain free publicity. Brochure design service and information including: Content, layout, photos, logo, printing, amount to order. Advertising/promotional avenues and ideas. How to approach the media; Promotional organizations to join; Internet possibilities. 

Travel & Booking Agents: Benefits, procedures and compensation. 

Travel Packages: Design custom travel packages for the competitive edge: Air, limo, car, maid, cook, bodyguards, activities etc. 

Interior Specifications: Complete Interior Design Service, guidelines, furniture and furnishing packages, custom or contract. How to furnish for guests: what is expected in each room, around the pool, closet requirements, bedding, linens, kitchen appliances, household supplies, bathroom accessories and special amenities. 

Specialty Vacation Location: How to transform home to Spa, Resort, Hotel, B&B, TV Filming/Photo site, Executive and/or Seminar/Workshop Retreat. 

We have assisted the following celebrities in setting up their vacation locations, partial listing: Willie Nelson/Barry Fey, Mike Love (Beach Boys), Rev. Robert Schuller, Allan Carr, The Paul Mitchell Trust.

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