Adopted daughter of Joan Crawford; author of 4 books, most famous for the book and movie "Mommie Dearest."
Bed & Breakfast: Owned and run by Crawford.
The cozy, hospitable home Christina always wanted, where she welcomes guests to share her dream of a secluded working farm, woods, fresh air, peace and personal well-being.  Crawford personally serves her guests and calls herself the “Julia Child of the Northwest.”
5 guest rooms in a round, two story cedar home overlooking the 166 acre farm dedicated to organic principles.  The eclectic interior contains many artifacts from Crawford’s past.
Wide deck views.  Walk in the woods, pick flowers, picnic by the streams, fish in the big pond and watch the wildlife: deer, beaver, hawks and elk.  Each season of the year has special local activities:  Music Festivals, art shows, Indian tribal pow-wows, and garden projects on the farm.  Home-cooked breakfast, Northwest fresh.  Most vegetables and fruit grown organically on the farm.
 - EC
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