Mineral and mining magnate.
26th President of the USA.
Beloved stuffed toy animal.
Hotel: Former hotel spa built by Walter Devereux.  Served as the “Little White House of the USA.”   In April of 1905, became the legendary home of Teddy Bear.
In 1893 Walter Devereux realized his dream of a spa in the mountains.  This hotel was modeled after Villa de Medici in Italy at a cost of $850,000.  Opening day, leading citizens from all over the world such as the Armours, Goulds, Mayo Brothers, and Diamond Jim Brady signed in.  President William Howard Taft appeared for an address on the Presidential Balcony during his term.
In April of 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt came for his famous bear hunt.  Then Secretary of State, William Loeb, set up offices with telegraph service direct to Washington, DC.  After returning empty-handed from a hard day’s bear hunt, President Roosevelt was somewhat depressed.  In order to lift the President’s spirits, the maids stitched a small bear together out of scraps of cloth and gave it to the President.  The next day, President Roosevelt addressed the local citizens from the balcony.  A reporter of the day heard the story and coined the phrase, “Teddy Bear.”  A toy manufacturer immediately grasped the idea, went to work, and lovable Teddy was born. 
126 guest rooms, many with attached suites.  Turn-of-the-century romantic decor creates an enchanting total environment.
Summer garden nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains offers health club complete with Nautilus, free weights, Jacuzzi and sauna.  Meeting facilities for up to 250.  Memorable fine dining with grand piano, plus bar & grill.  World class skiing, hiking, and white water rafting.  Gold medal fishing and swimming in the legendary hot springs are moments away.  Enjoy an old fashioned  “Teddy Bear Christmas Celebration.” 
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