Powerful French Prelate.
Hungarian born, American newspaper proprietor.  Pulitzer endowed the Columbia University School of Journalism and willed the annual Pulitzer Prizes for literature, drama, music and journalism.
Lodge:  Retirement place of Archbishop Lamy prior to Joseph Pulitzerís purchase of the Lodge for his two daughters.
The ranch was originally owned by Archbishop Lamy in 1885 who was immortalized in the book  "Death Comes for the Archbishop" by Willa Cather, American Pulitzer Prize winning writer.  When Joseph Pulitzer owned the Lodge, his daughters constructed adobe homes not far from the hillside chapel.
Over the decades, the Lodge hosted a number of notable, loyal patrons:  John D. Rockefeller Sr., Walt Disney,
Erich Leinsdorf, Andre Kostelanetz, and others.
Rooms vary in style; those in the older buildings have a more authentic Southwestern flavor, while the newer ones have a typical American decor.
Pool and tennis.  Historic chapel available for weddings.  In the spring and summer, the sandy-beige stucco main lodge and four outer buildings are surrounded by floral gardens.  Many of the cherry, apple, quince, pear and apricot trees planted by the Archbishop still stand to enhance the grounds.
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