Environmentalist, founder and owner of the Hard Rock Cafe.
Hotel Casino:  Owned and run by Morton.
Latest Rock ‘n’ Roll vision of Peter Morton - a $2 million collection of rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia.  Treasures include: Elvis’s gold lame jacket, Jimi Hendrix’s “Flying V” guitar, a Harley Davidson from Guns‘n’ Roses, and many other rare gems displayed to create a unique hotel/casino - already dubbed, the “Smithsonian of Hard Rock.”
Hundreds of guest rooms and suites with recycling bins.  27” stereo TVs with cable and music channels.  French doors and windows to view the “City of Light,” and the amazing Hard Rock Club.  Room service.
Casino flashes $25 chips emblazoned with Hendrix's face.  Athletic Club with professional trainers, state-of-the-art exercise equipment and steam room.  Imported beach to the desert features whirlpools and luxury cabanas with televisions on the sandy beach.  Swim in a lagoon where the music plays under water.
3 restaurants featuring the freshest ingredients in dining  -  no preservatives or artificial anything.  Recycled everything in  Morton’s traditional environmental style.  Left-over food, clothing and furniture is donated to organizations aiding the homeless and hungry. 
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