World renowned Goddess of Fire.  Pele is famous for three faces.  On many occasions she has appeared as a very old woman, and on others, as a  young blond temptress.  Mostly, Pele is know for her explosive volcanic nature. 
From the Greek dynasty of hoteliers.  Hawaii’s celebrated “Uncle George” lived to be over a hundred and was the proprietor of this one-of-a-kind hotel for 40 of those years.  Uncle George was famous for courting Pele with offerings of gin, in turn, Pele would respond with some spectacular eruptions to dazzle his guests.  Princes from Europe, presidents, popular sports and entertainment figures marveled at the big shows with George, and left a museum of autographed photos.
Volcano House:  Built on the rim of the ever-active Kilauea crater, the Goddess Pele’s domain.  Literally, this House stands on steam.  In 1935,   "Ripley’s Believe It or Not," stated that the hotel’s fireplace fire has been burning continuously for 61 years.  Imagine that!
42 guest rooms overlooking one of the Earth’s natural wonders.  Cozy rooms warmed by Hawaiian comforters and traditional koa furniture.
Step back to the beginning of time.  Walk a smoldering caldera, explore lush rainforests, peer down mysterious lava tubes and hike through dramatic lunar-like volcanic landscapes.  Dine on the edge of creation, and enjoy award winning Five Star cuisine.  Two gift shops, cocktail lounge, and that ever-burning fireplace. 
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