Celebrity Getaways International is a licensed Travel Agency. All associates are representatives of land, sea and air.

Celebrity Getaways International does not own or manage any properties. We present and promote a foremost, specialized, world-wide collection of unique Vacation Locations . . . 

  • Those owned, lived-in, designed, or built by a famous person
  • Your favorite Movie and Television Vacation Sites
Celebrity Getaways acts only as a Premier Connection and Liaison between the Preferred Guest and owners, managers, vendors, and any authorized representative of each Getaway.

We have a fabulous collection of brochures and information on approximately 800 worldwide Celebrity Getaways. The prices range from $35.00 to $75,000.00 per day. The web site currently exhibits up to 300 Getaways in 50 countries. This one-of-a-kind collection has been a concentrated six year effort of research and arrangements.

All descriptions of Celebrity Getaways are compiled and composed from some onset inspections, information provided by each establishment, and from telephone interviews. All the many special amenities, fine services, and policies of each establishment are not included.

All information on this site is subject to change without notice. The owners of this site are not responsible for any unknown changes, errors, inaccuracies or omissions made before, during, or after the posting of this site.

The owners of this site are not responsible for any person or agency using this site as a resource for booking, or for any actions of any person or establishment represented on this site, or for any misleading interpretations or misrepresentations by the media. 

Due to the diversity of our collection, terms and conditions may vary, therefore, agent and/or guest will abide by the terms and conditions of each Associated establishment.

Unless otherwise specified, guests will make payments to, and sign agreements with, (if any) the authorized Associate representing the Getaway or amenity of their choice.

For a $25 fee we will promptly e-mail you the contact information along with:  The web site link, and other pertinent contact information including the name of the owner, manager, concierge or reservation person. Simply send us your name, e-mail address and the note of the Getaway of interest on our reservation form. You are then welcome to make arrangements on your own.

Several of the celebrity owned villas require a commitment/retainer fee of $100, along with the submission of a completed reservation form. Some of these properties include: The homes of Randy Travis, Mick Jagger, Jane Seymour’s castle, the estates of Julio Iglesais, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Paul Mitchell and Richard Branson's private island.  Please fill out our reservation form completely, and know that we work directly with the main contact for any of the villa rentals, this will inevitably save you high commission fees.

This reservation fee helps to separate the merely curious from the serious traveler and compensate for some of our time and expenses that include: 

  • Long distance calls, fax and e mail to you, the Getaways of your choice, to other agents and associates
  • Printing and/or postage costs for express mail when sending photos, brochures, and any other interesting or necessary Information pertaining to your Getaway(s) and arrangements
Some of our Getaways are not on line. Some distant island, ranch, castles, bed & breakfast, lodge or inn, etc., may not even have a fax machine. Some Getaways will take longer, and will be more challenging to arrange than others.

If you prefer not to fill out our form, or use our secure e-commerce account you are welcome to e-mail the information to rob@celebritygetaways.com or provide the information to CGI by telephone (808) 823-8667.


  • We are prepared to provide you with the pertinent information in order for you to make personal contact and arrangements at your own convenience.
  • We will personally work on some or all of your travel plans for Hawaii and around the world.
  • In addition, we may refer you to our expert associate travel representatives at one of the most respected, well connected and established Travel Agencies in Beverly Hills. http://www.mansourtravel.com.
Our unique collection of approximately 800 Celebrity Getaways are available to: travel agents, travel writers, convention/meeting planners, film production companies, wedding planners, fan clubs, the public, star struck fans, history/culture buffs, and for model shoots.


NO ... All commissions are paid by GETAWAY ASSOCIATES at no extra charge to you - with one exception: If the owners or managers of your Getaway do not adhere to paying the traditional travel agent's fee of 10% per Getaway, (which is very unusual) please be prepared to pay a 5-10% commission fee via your credit card directly to Celebrity Getaways International at the time of reservation. 

Season, length of stay, and number of guests play a part in determining the rate of each Getaway. Each exact price will be revealed only at your time of REGISTRATION AND INQUIRY.


If additional travel agents are involved in the transaction, each agent is responsible for determining, requesting, and collecting their personal commission from the client, over the 5% - 10% collected by Celebrity Getaways, if any.

"There is no substitute for experience and connections."

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