A Luxury Liner:  Named after Queen Mary of England.
Built with all the pride of Britainís seafaring tradition, the Queen Mary represents a standard of craftsmanship unequaled in shipbuilding history.  Launched in 1934 and permanently berthed in Long Beach Harbor since 1967.  Throughout her history, royalty and celebrities from all walks of life have leisurely adorned her decks in merriment and good will.  The Piano Bar was named after old time frequent guest, Sir Winston Churchill.
365 recently restored original first class staterooms aboard the Hotel Queen Mary are the largest ever built aboard a ship.  Renowned for her Art Deco splendor, each stateroom provides the most up-to-date amenities.  85,000 square feet of space in 17 remarkable functional rooms with warm wood paneling featured to enhance the beauty of the shipís original paintings, murals, traditional brass & nickel silver fixtures, and etched leaded-glass accents.
Explore the majestic Queen Mary from stem to stern, from engine room to wheelhouse.  From candlelit Continental cuisine - to casual dining.  From banquets, receptions and meeting facilities to the magnificent ballroom with cocktails, dancing, stargazing, and finally, the Royal Wedding Chapel Deck with the shops of Piccadilly Circus since 1936.  The illustrious Queen Mary is ideal for your special event, or personal fun-filled adventure. 


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