The future of Celebrity Getaways International holds many exciting and innovative possibilities. We are currently working on approximately 500 new Celebrity vacation locations, a paid advertising section for worldwide Celebrity owned properties for sale, and more than 250 Celebrity owned or designed restaurants, clubs, cafe's, and bars - internationally. These sites include some of your favorite movies, television shows, and music videos. 

Watch for our Celebrity Getaways International coffee table book. 

Please let us know if you have any ideas, suggestions, or Getaways we should know about.  You may contact us at

Saint Francis of Assisi - Castle & Monastery - Italy 

Saint Anthony - Castle - Italy 

Jackie Onassis - Villa - France 

Todd Oldham - Hotel - Florida 

Ralph Lauren - Cottage - England 

HRH Queen Juliana - Estate - W. Indies 

Alain Ducasse - Hotel - France 

Clark Gable / Mary Pickford - Home - Hollywood 

Christian Dior - Suite - New York 

Lady Byron - Manor House - Greece 

Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey - Home - New York 

Stalin Dacha - Soviet Union 

Johnnie Walker - Estate - England 

King Juan Carlos - Hotel - Portugal 

Knights of Templar - Estate - France 

Stanley Marcus - Mansion - Texas 

Hotel California (Eagles) - Mexico 

"Rain Man" - Motel - Oklahoma 

"The Deep" - Island Resort - B.V.I. 

"Gone With The Wind" - Hotel - Georgia 

"Touch of Mink" - Hotel - Bermuda 

Ivana Trump Decorator - Yacht 

Sir. Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor - Yacht 

*Plus approximately 500 more "Celebrity Getaways"